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The Horizon Report 2012

The Horizon Report is issued yearly by the New Media Consortium, an organization whose purpose is to spur discussion and innovation of edtech in schools, universities, and museums. Each year, the group releases a report for each of the three constituencies, titled the Horizon Report. The 2012 Horizon Report for Higher Education has just been released. The reports for secondary education and museums will follow.

The basic outline of all three reports will be the same, just the specifics will be tailored to each constituency. I have downloaded the 2012 report for higher education and worked my way through most of it. There is an executive summary for a quick overview, then three main parts. 

The first part is a look at look at technologies whose time to adoption is seen as one year or less. The two areas of focus this year are Mobile Apps and Tablet Computing. After a discussion of each area, there are links to examples of the area in practice and then links for further reading. In the past I have found these links valuable in generating ideas I could integrate into my own teaching.

The next section of the report focuses on technologies with a time to adoption of two to three years. This year’s focus is on Game-Based Learning and Learning Analytics. I started teaching before the computer game craze took root, but the idea of game-based learning is very intriguing to me. Learning analytics seems to be the logical progression of the data-driven decision-making movement of the last ten years. 

The final part of the Horizon Report examines technologies which might have an impact on education with a time to adoption of four to five years. The two areas mentioned are Gesture-Based Computing and the Internet of Things. Gesture-based computing reminds me of a TED talk, by Patty Maes, as well as playing Wii games with my daughter’s family. I am excited to see how this technology can be integrated into education. The Nest thermostat reminds me of the beginning of what the internet of things could become, and it is very exciting. I’ll leave it to better minds than mine to figure out how to integrate it into education.

Take the time to download and look at the Horizon Report 2012. Join the New Media Consortium, and add it to your list of edtech resources.

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